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Friday, August 12th, 2011

Articles posted during Friday August 12th 2011

Blood Harvest Coming Out For L4D2 Tomorrow


Valve has just confirmed, via Twitter, that by the end of tomorrow, we’ll have Blood Harvest (or Blood Harvest 2, for fans of numbering things), for L4D2, on our hard-drives. Rejoice, our task is complete! They say “in the morning”, so we don’t really know which time zone they’re referring to. Still, good job everyone! Here’s hoping we get to play a bit of “Taaaaank!!” in Blood Harvest.

News Roundup #53


It’s been a busy news week! Between Valve firing on all fronts with TF2 cross-game promos and what may be the world’s first Half-Life protest, we’ve also seen the addition of a major new Steam feature.

Well, not that busy. I’m sure there’ll be one news week when we’ll see Valve announce Day of Defeat 2 (Dipping its toes in modern warfare, perhaps?), Gunman Chronicles 2 (The gaming industry needs more space westerns), Deathmatch Classic 2 (Three-Wave CTF, where have you gone?), and the long-awaited Ricochet 2 (Hey, they revived Tron!), all bundled inside the United Nations Blue Box. It will be a glorious news week, indeed.