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Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Articles posted during Tuesday July 12th 2011

L4D: DLC News – Dead Air “2” to be out by July the 22nd


We’ve been waiting for the new L4D2 Cold Stream DLC package for a few months now. On the 6th, Valve announced that if 20,000 people would complete the new public beta version of the Cold Stream campaign by the 9th, the updated version of Dead Air (from L4D1), a Dead Air 2, if you will, would be split off from the main Cold Stream DLC package, and released on the 22nd of July. 

By the 7th of July, after a mere 24 hours, almost 61,000 people had completed the new beta version of Cold Stream. And make no mistake, Valve plans to keep their promise!

Combine OverWiki is Leaving Wikia this Summer


The Combine OverWiki, even if it may have quite a few rough spots, may be the very best Half-Life wiki out there. It also focuses on Portal and is a part of the Valve Wiki Network. It’s been with Wikia since the OverWiki first came about, on the 12th of February 2006. However, recently, Wikia has been making some disappointing decisions and changes. Some fan wikis have been moving away from Wikia, and towards private hosts. For example, the Official Team Fortress Wiki and the recently announced Unofficial Portal Wiki are both privately owned and operated.

And now the OverWiki is joining them!