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Thursday, June 16th, 2011

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Half-Life 3 Accidentally Revealed In Former Valve Dev’s Resume? (UPDATE)


Update: Doug Lombardi has replied to our e-mail, and he’s crystal clear on this:


And Phil Kollar reports on GameInformer, inside an article based on this story, that the information posted by ryuuk was indeed fake:

Valve’s Doug Lombardi responded to this rumor in about as clear a way as we could hope for: “This is fiction (aside from the fact that Mike D is a real person)”.

Original article: Since Episode Two’s release in October of 2007, we’ve seen virtually no substantial information on Episode Three. While Doug Lombardi did mention, in this interview with Kikizo, that the wait until Episode Three would be longer than the wait between HL2 and Episode One, and the wait between Episode One and Episode Two combined (which told us that the wait would go beyond October 2010), and that Valve may reveal something EP3-related some time at the very end of 2008. As we all know, this never happened, and since then, it’s been nothing but total silence.

Then Game Informer told us there would be no Half-Life during 2010 – and surprisingly, they were right. They also mentioned that there would be no Episode Three at all, and that it would become a full-fledged Half-Life 3, which was an idea the fans had been playing around with. Then they “predicted” that this HL3 would be revealed some time during the course of this year, which yet again, got people going.

Of course, as we all know, there was no Half-Life at E3. Game Informer’s prophecy would have to come true later in the year. But, what have we here?