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Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Articles posted during Saturday December 18th 2010

GoldenEye: Source – v4.1 Released, Finally Out of Beta!


GoldenEye: Source. It’s one of the most ambitious mods we’ve ever seen.

It’s been in development since 2005, and since its first beta release on Christmas of that year, it’s been one of the most refreshing experiences we’ve ever tried out, which is strange, considering it’s the remake of a 13-year old game.

While it’s multiplayer only for now, some of the devs have stated that a singleplayer remake may be a possibility in the distant future.

Still, a new version has just been released, and it marks the day they finally exit beta status.

The Episode Two SPUF’s “Message to Valve” Petition Has Hit 1,000 Signatures!


Originally founded by community member Surfrock22 on the 4th of June, 2009, the Message to Valve calls for increased communication between Valve and the Half-Life community, concerning the status of the next installment in the Half-Life series. It is a petition of sorts, though it currently only inhabits a forum thread on the official HL2: Episode Two Steam Forums.

But, no matter – for it has finally hit 1,000 signatures: the project’s original goal. With that in mind, Surfrock is now working on an official e-mail, which he plans to send to both Doug Lombardi and Gabe Newell. Let’s hope he gets some sort of response – and here’s to E3 2011!

Take a look at the Message to Valve here.