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Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Articles posted during Tuesday December 14th 2010

The G-Man Named The Most Mysterious Video Game Character Of All Time According to JoystickDivision


It’s no secret that Half-Life is a pretty awesome game series.

It’s received numerous honors, from Game of the Year to Greatest Game of All Time.

But so have its characters. Empire Magazine, through Empireonline, placed Gordon Freeman at the top of their Top 50 Video Game Characters of All Time list. GameSpot’s “Greatest Video Game Hero of All Time” poll ended with Gordon taking the #1 spot.

And the list goes on and on. We could be here listing all the honors the characters of Half-Life and Portal have received all day.

But we’re here for a reason.

The “Paranoia” HL1 Mod is Now on the Dreamcast!


“Paranoia” is an awesome little GoldSource mod created by a few Russian developers, released way back in late 2007. It made HL1 look almost as good as Source, and it introduced some great new features that made it play a lot more different from your average Half-Life 1 mod. Now, it has been ported to the Dreamcast.

WETA Workshop Builds a TF2 Level 1 Sentry Gun for Valve


Working at Valve can be quite perilous at times.

You face crazed Half-Life fans who run in the Valve lobby with explosives strapped to their chest, desperate for Episode Three information and a working copy of Half-Life 2. You face crazed Counter-Strike fans who don’t like game updates… or anything, for that matter.

You face crazed Day of Defeat fans who just want something, dammit. You face crazed Team Fortress 2 fans who want this nerfed and that buffed, and more hats, you face crazed Team Fortress Classic fans who just want to kill everyone, you face crazed Left 4 Dead 1 fans who have really gone insane and you face crazed Left 4 Dead 2 fans who complain a lot and then mumble about Left 4 Dead 3.

You face crazed Source modders who will blow up the entire building, you face Garry’s Mod fans who are so happy they’re insane, you face Portal fans who just want their damn game already, you face Alien Swarm fans who also want something, dammit, you face crazed Ricochet fans, who have evolved into super-insanity, you face Deathmatch Classic fans who are surprisingly, somewhat sane, and you face Gunman Chronicles fans, who will do anything for a sequel.

There are 250 people at Valve, but there are plenty more insane fanboys than that.

Fortunately, they now have something with which they can defend themselves from the onslaught of schizophrenic Hammer Legion members.

Portal 2 Takes “Most Anticipated Game of 2011” At The Spike Video Game Awards, Plus A New Clip Featuring The Coop Bots


The Spike TV Video Game Awards are some pretty important awards, mind you. Not because of the idiotic jokes and the annoying actors and rappers, but because of all the world premiere announcements.

Most of you were probably expecting Episode Three to pop up in there.

It did not.

However, as the title may suggest…

Dear Esther – Yet Another Amazing Media Update, And A Q&A!


In his last media update for Dear Esther, a remake of  the 2008 classic, Robert Briscoe told us he’d be doing a Q&A based on the questions in the comments section on his previous blog post.

Well, the Q&A is finally here… with more screenshots that’ll have your jaw crashing through the earth until it passes all the way through and out into China.