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Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Articles posted during Saturday August 28th 2010

SPUF News: “Message to Valve”


Now, this is interesting.

Numerous people are disappointed by Valve’s treatment of the Half-Life series. Not a single concrete word has come out since October 2007. Not one word. Valve prefers to procrastinate, throwing Steam for Mac, PlayStation 3 ports and the Left 4 Dead series before the property that got them where they are. It is simply LUDICROUS that a series of THREE episodes have been ruined in such a manner.

Over and over again, they say they have nothing to say at the moment. When will that other moment come?

At this point, one can say “r.i.p. ep3”, and be absolutely correct. For all we know, it hasn’t even started development. If you keep telling yourself that people shouldn’t be saying this, you need to stop lying to yourself.