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Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Articles posted during Wednesday August 4th 2010

Toxis Residuum – HL2 Mod


Toxis Residuum is a mod being developed by two good friends of mine. Both of em have put a LOT of work into it, but they’re running into some problems, mainly with recruitment, as they REALLY need a modeler/animator, a coder and maybe a texture artist. If you’ve got the skills, talk to em! Still, the mod may be put on a hiatus if they don’t find some personnel, but the mod definitely needs some publicity, so check it out after the jump!

Delay of Game – 2003 Flash Film


Ah, 2003. It was a great time, when everyone was still developing and playing HL1 mods. And then, in May 2003, it was a great time, when everyone and their dog was waiting for HL2 after a stellar E3 presentation that left everyone stunned. And with a release date of September 30th, who wouldn’t be waiting?

PlanetPhillip’s July 2010 “Month in View Slideshows”


I’ve got an awesome treat this time, it’s PlanetPhillip’s first “Month in View” slideshow.

Phillip had the awesome idea of making a slideshow for the nicest mod screenshots he took this month. They don’t represent the best maps or mods, just the best screenshots, and so far I have to agree, these are pretty amazing. Check em out at Phillip’s site after the jump.

Yarr! Steam Be Soon Available in Pirate Speak


Sometimes ’tis hard fer international swabbies t’ find the’r way around on English websites, which be why services like Google Translate be havin’ come into existence. Valve be doin’ the’r part t’ make Steam more accessible t’ them without much knowledge o’ th’ English language by translatin’ the’r services into various languages, includin’ Seafarin’ hearty (Pirates).

Th’ Steam Translation page shows th’ progress o’ translatin’ th’ service into different languages, an’ one that stuck ou’ be “Seafarin’ hearty.” I`ve got nay idee what ‘t means, so either Valve really be caterin’ t’ a new, untapped audience, or they’s jus’ trollin’ us like usual. Whaterethe cause, I love ‘t.

If ye be havin` trouble talkin` wi` sea dogs, I recommend this here translator.

Path of Freeman – Online Flash Game


Path of Freeman. Hmm. Made by Vitaly Zaboro, Path of Freeman is a game that attempts to put HL2 in a Flash game setting, while attempting to parody it at the same time. I say “attempt”, because quite frankly it doesn’t do anything too well. More info after the jump.